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more S2

Hi Dave et al,
I'm in Hong Kong at the moment, but will be returning to the UK 1Q next
year. It'll have to be a 365 day car, down to the supermarket, quick blast
to NL, D and F once in a while. Germany is fun at the right times, that is
late-night and early morning, when you get the chance to stretch your right
toe every so often ! I digress, what I'd like to know is the pitfalls and
things to be aware of as a potential S2 owner.

For example :
        Does the S2 suffer from cracked exhaust manifolds ? (headers US speak)
        Is there a problem with the oil cooler on 80k+ miles ?
        Is the ABS reliable ?
        Is the steering as bad as the press say, e.g. no feel
        Is there a fix for the steering ?
        Is the gearbox/torsen diff/driveshafts reliable ?

The main reason that I'm considering the S2 over the ur quattro, is the fact
there has been a run on uq prices in the last couple of years, especially
the 20V q. These frequently fetch more than a newer S2.


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