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Re: A4 "Better" than an M3 for 6K?

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, The Judge wrote:

> BTW, if you follow this line of reasoning, any A4Q can be said to smoke
> a Porsche Turbo/Ferrari F50-F40/Callaway Corvette/etc, if you are only
> talking about inclement conditions.  IMHO, when most people speak of
> their performance, thay are speaking of dry conditions.

Yeah, but you also have to assume that when asking for advice for a car, 
it is their primary commuting car. I dont know of too many people who 
commute in an F40. You have to think practically here, one main car, in 
NE, we have 5 months of disgusting weather.... Quattro or M3?? THats 
easy. Quattro, because if I had the M3, I couldnt get to work for half 
the year.

Dont get me wrong, the M3 is a great car, esp the new ones... but not 
practical for a primary car here in NE.


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