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Re: Headlights on mid-80's 5000

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Oncoming motorists very rarely flash me - I've got the main set a little
low  and a bit to the side, and >the centre lights set slightly higher and 
forward.  I don't think they dazzle anyone, as long as they're >dipped.
>Wildlife seems to have adapted to the range of normal car lights, though. 
I  see a lot more foxes, >badgers, owls, etc., than before.  I was amazed,
at  first, at just how much fauna is around in the >UK.
>Phil Payne

Thanks for the detailed reply, Phil.  I too was planning on aiming my main
lights pretty conservately - I figure the hi wattage and centre bulbs will
make up for it.  I'm still trying to find a source for ceramic sockets, and
I suppose regular Bosch (or parts bin) 30A relays will be fine (130+130/12=
~22 maybe use two relays!) and aftermarket car stereo fuse blocks are nicely
suited to protect the alternator output.  Sad to face the reality of bulb
life though.  I suppose every form of refuge has its price...

The wildlife comment is fascinating.  Here in southern NH there is a pretty
high uh, fauna density, the King's deer, foxes, and some strange colored
things with orange eyes.... maybe I'll see more of them.  

I drive a lot late at night, being the only car on the road, that's why I
want to *really* see where I'm going.  If my low beams prove too bright for
social convention ... I'll wire them in series.   Then 90w per side becomes.
.. hmm, 12x12/90=1.6 ohms (theoretically) and 12x12/3.2=45.  only 22.5 watts
per side, depending on filament heat effects.  probably not enough but in
traffic you don't need much light anyway ...

Final note - if I can find a junked 1979 5000 or Fox or scirocco with round
headlights I'm going to put them on my car and use round upgrades from JCW. 
Love that look.

Human out!