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Re: Keeping the ur-q...HOORAY! HOORAY!

HOORAY! HOORAY! I am so happy for you and for the car. It will never have a
better home.  I am sure everyone on the list (except those who wanted to buy
it) are really happy for you too.  Best wishes.

Marshall Barrett

At 03:07 PM 10/1/96 -0400, you wrote:

>plus the fact that it's been my dream car since I was old enough to drive,
>plus the email I've recieved from folks like you, have convinced me not to
>sell it. You're right. Sure, I could get a few grand for it. But life with
>a plump bank account and no quattro is less appealing than life broke but
>driving an ur-q.
>Plus, to be honest, the car is in pretty damn good shape now, so I can relax
>my intensive restoration efforts a bit and save up some money.
>Thanks again for straightening me out and stay tuned for news about my 
>continuing restoration efforts.
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