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Re: trunk powerlock

>          looking for input on a minor glitch thrown at me by the audi gods.
> My 1990 200t 's trunk won't unlock with the central locking system.   I can
>  still open the trunk by turning the key to the diagonal position.    This
>  happened once before, but it repaired itself somehow.   Not a terible
>  problem, but quite irksome.   Anyone have any cluse, experiences or repair
> reciepts? ; )    Any input appreciated.   TIA.

I don't know if the mechanism is similar to that on our '88 5kQW, but it 
might be.  We had a similar problem with the mechanism and the problem 
had two sources ... I think the first may have caused the second.  First,
the lock mechanism has a contorted casting that rotates around a pin when 
the central locking system is actuated.  Over time some slop had developed 
in the mechanism, causing it to jam occasionally, or to actuate with diff-
iculty, making a loud snapping noise as it switched.  The second problem
was that the actuating shaft is a piece of threaded metal that is almost
slipped into the plastic actuating vacuum servo.  I say almost, as there 
is a clip that makes the plastic clamp the threads ... except on this car
the rod wasn't being held very well (probably due to problem #1).  The 
lock mechanism was fairly easy to remove ... and expensive to replace of 
course.  What I did was to disassemble the lock mechanism, I installed 
a washer to tighten up the slop and put it all back together again.  I 
was thinking about trying to get a more positive connection at the servo
but the mechanism worked smoothly enough that the original clip worked 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)