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Re: Want Audi Coupe Quattro


>...wants a newer Coupe quattro to replace his flooded '84 Coupe...

Sorry to heard about the demise of your Coupe.  BTW, the '90-'91 Coupe quattro
isn't like your '84 Coupe.  Not to say it isn't just as fun, but it isn't
the same.

Anyway, you might try looking in Atlanta, GA.  They usually have a good
selection of used Audis (sometimes 20+).  In last week's paper I saw
a 5-speed '86 Coupe GT and an auto '87 Coupe GT, as well as an '82
ur-Quattro (better than a '90 Coupe quattro!!).  As I remember, sometimes
a '90-'91 Coupe quattro would show up in the paper.  Just go to a bookstore
or library and look in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Good luck!
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