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Re: Audi Beaurocracy Help, Please......

>In message <961018023239_129229147@emout19.mail.aol.com> Chukolives@aol.com
>> proprietary parts.  The car was simply a lemon.  The original service manual
>> indicated that the timing belt should be replaced at 90k miles.....

Then Phil wrote:
>I find that part hard to believe.  The 60k maximum idea has been around for a 
>_long_ time over here in Europe. 

I just re-checked the manuals provided with my '90 V8Q and NONE of them
mention a word about preventive maintenance replacemant of the timing belt.
If Audi had targeted the V8Q at auto enthuasists like the ur-q, this
omission would be almost forgivable.  The V8Q target market was the same
people that buy MB/Jag/Lexus/Accura/Infinity, most of whom don't know the
difference between a timing belt and a water pump/alternator belt.  Let
alone, would they know the consequences of a broken timing belt in an
interference engine.  If Audi did not inform the buyer of a simple, low cost
preventive maintenance method of preventing very costly engine damage, I
would say they issued a lifetime of the car implied warrentee on the timing

The former owner of my V8Q had the timing belt tensioner break at 73K miles.
He told me and gave me receipts for which he paid $1500 to get 16 intake
valves replaced.  Audi kicked in the other $1500 for parts and the dealer
provided the labor at NO CHARGE.  This car was also serviced by the dealer
at 60K miles with no timing belt change.  BTW, a decal has been added under
the bonnet saying that the timing belt needs to be changed at 75K mile
intervals!  If you would like a copy of my receipts, send me your FAX number.

If the dealer had the opportunity to replace the timing belt at the
recommended replacement interval and failed to tell you that it needed to be
done, I think he owes you an engine rebuild offer like the former owner of
my V8Q received.  Of course, if you told him not to do the work, I think
it's your nickel.

As much as I hate to say it, if the dealer and AoA won't budge, a letter
from a lawyer ofter gets better results.  It may be $100 - $200 well
invested.  (disclaimer, yes, my daughter is in law school but that does NOT
make me a fan of lawyers!)

Steering rack is a wear-out item and probably your problem but I bet you can
get it replaced with a re-built rack for a whole lot less at someplace other
than the dealer.  Check out the list of vendors on Dan's web page and shop
around for a rebuilt rack then find a reputable independent garage to
install it.  My impression is that removal and replacement of the rack is a

Good luck,
Bob Wheeldon
'90 V8Q
Principal Engineer
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
robert a wheeldon@boeing.com