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USA Q-list gathering

After the recent Maryland gathering, and listening to the reviews of the
Kanc run, I began thinking how great it would be if we could organize a
nationwide Q-list gathering, possibly somewhere in the center of the
country, thereby making it accessible to all. (Of course, our international
friends are welcome also!!)

I was thinking that each region (i.e. New England etc..) could organize the
"fun runs" (i.e. drives through scenic twisties...), so that we would not
always be on the highway (i.e. yawn... ho hum!!) on our way to the meeting
place. As the group travelled along, they could meet up with others along
the way, making sort of a convoy.

I kinda' picture it like the One Lap of America (especially for those that
will have to drive a big distance!), where instead of stopping off the
highway adventure at selected racetracks, we would take a detour through the
scenic twisties.

For all those that experienced the Kanc run, and those that read about it
here, I think you can envision how great this trip would be. I feel it would
be an incredible experience.

If we wanted to, we could possibly see if AoA would like to get involved, or
perhaps instead, try to raise some $$ for charity. Just random thoughts. I
am opening this up for discussion.

So as not to take up extra bandwith, once I start to get some
responses/feedback, we could take it "off the list".

So, is anyone up for it? Organizing it would be a large task, but I am game
to do it (with help from volunteers, of course!!).

Hoping to hear some feedback........

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S