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Re: USA Meet Geography Check

How many points on your license?  Another 6 or so would wipe me out for a
while.  :-(  

A track or other closed course sounds like a better solution to me.  The
geographical center of the nation (Alaska and Hawaii excluded) is about 60
miles NW of Kansas City.  Somewhere in the Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,
Oklahoma, Illinois, etc. region would make a lot of sense to me.  The
suggested location in Indiana sounds real good to me but it's a lot closer
to me than it would be to someone like Steve Buchholz or others on the west

A decision on location and time should be made pretty soon.  My calendar
fills up pretty rapidly for months ahead.  (And I thought that when I
retired I'd have more time for things I enjoy.  :-)  Yeah.  Right.  Well,
actually, I'm enjoying what I'm doing but I stay pretty busy.)

At 07:39 AM 11/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
>         A state exists, it's in the middle of the country (well.. kinda),
>  that has abolished it's speed limit laws. This state is, of course...
>  Imagine....
>         I feel that renting out a track for the weekend is probably a much
>  better, and safer alternative. However.. I thought I would pose the idea
>  of Montana as a gathering site to the list. Any listers from Montana, or
>  anybody been there since the speed-limit law was removed?
>                                 -Osman Parvez
>         Let's see Osman, Montana is 2200-2600 miles from us depending upon
>  where you go....and it's about 3000 to the Pacific...that ain't the
>  middle bud.
>         I was in Montana in September.  It's generally recognized that you
>  will be stopped if you are travelling at over 85MPH....and most
>  definately if over 90-95MPH.  The lack of Johnny Law is encouraging
>  though as are the wide vistas.
>         My personal accomplishments this Summer in Montana.
>         *Averaged just over 100 MPH (never below 97) for 1 hour on Route
>  200 in the Big Open.
>         *Top Speed: about 137 (143-4 indicated)
>         *Achieved a law scoffing 100MPH+ in Mass, PA, NY, IN, IL, OH, MN,
>  ND, MT, OR, WY
>            ID, IA, and Nebraska
>            Good clean fun...
>                                 On second thought...let's go!
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