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Re: Suspension.... BOOiinnnggg...

Hairy green toads from Mars made MSV96@aol.com say:

> In a note dated 11/13/96 KURT HUFFMAN asked with regards to 4kq struts:
> >1 are BOGE the best for stiff ride and control. ?
> Not sure, I was told these were the O.E. struts used in my 87 "commerative
> build" 4kcsq with "sports suspension".

Boge made most/all of the OEM struts for Audi. However, they are not
the same struts as their aftermarket models. They are softer hydraulic
units that go for more middle-of-the-road handling.

The Turbo Gas and Pro Gas are MUCH better; I used to run them in my
'85 Golf (just *slightly* modified), and loved them.


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