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Re: USA Q-gathering

Randall C. Markarian wrote:
> Well, there is obviously alot of interest in the Q-list gathering, and
> many different ideas on what to do...

Honestly, I really really don't mind reading/deleting these messages,
and I am a firm believer in allowing ANY discussion, but I am starting
to find this thread amusing because:

It now dwarfs by a long shot the Kanc thread (which caught alot of
crap for wasting bandwidth)

It seems a bit absurd, pardon me Osman, but how many people are
really going to drive across the country for two days, to get to this?

The Kanc idea started with an agenda, and all the discussion was about
who was going to go, and when. The USA Gathering starts with who is
going to go, and IMHO, will have an impossible time figuring out a route.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not take this post the wrong way. I fully encourage
all who are interested (I would be if it was in the Northeast), to keep
talking this one until you worked out the best solution. 

(In fact, even if in the mid-West, I might consider it if an agenda and
schedule were presented) And if it ever does happen, I would wish you all 
good fortune, and hope everyone has alot of fun.

I just find the thread amusing. :-)