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snow tires

Just thought I'd let you know my experience with snow tires.
86' 5KCSTQ, stock.  Tires on it before were Dunlop D60's, the older 
version.  Last weekend we got 13" of snow, another 4-6 today and all of 
this is on top of a nice layer of ice.  In the last couple of days, I 
have unlocked the diffs only a couple of times because I was spinning so 
bad.  Lack of traction would also cause the ABS to work overtime, locking 
diffs and human pumping worked much better.  Gotten stuck 3 times in the 
last couple of days, each time snow was not up to the air dam yet, had a FWD 
Dynasty pull away from me at a light, me with diffs locked.  I was pissed.
	Got a set of Blizzaks with car, sitting in garage.  Got them 
mounted this afternoon.  Tonight, I ran up and down unplowed gravel roads 
with 4-6" of snow on them, no problem.  Most of the time, I would only 
break the tires loose when shifting, momentarly.  Tried to do long 
oversteered corners, but couldn't keep the back end out long enough.  
Winter is fun again.  If you have the money, get a good set of snow 
tires, IMHO, worth every penny.