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Quattro Meeting in the USA

In a message dated 96-11-12 20:18:22 EST, you write:

>Thanks. (And again, once this starts to "gel", we'll take this discussion
>"off the list". Please be patient in the short term.)
>                             Jim Griffin
>                      JGriff@pobox.com
>                        Maryland, USA
>"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
>                               '92 100S

Hello, Group.
I am a few days behind, so I typed this note, then read a similar idea from
"Human", but I will still sent the note as writen.....If more than one person
has a great idea, then it must be good.
Here's an idea to get maximum participation:   I vote for a route extending
from the east coast through the Blue Ridge mountains, through Ohio, to
Chicago, down route 66 to St. Louis, for a big rally before the Memorial Day
Indy car race at that new track,  then the group could continue through MO.
to KS to Denver and even on to Montana if there is interest, we could
continue out west to either WA or Northern California.
I'll bet we can get "leaders" to carry the group through their state,
offering a handoff to the next "leader" in the next state. Of course,
everyone doesn't have to stay with the group for the entire route; they
simply join for a day, eat lunch with the group, stay one night, then head
off on their summer vacation. . . . .
A leader knows his state well, and can pick scenic routes.  Plus, the mileage
for each member could be as long or as short as they desire.  We still have
to publish a route, so everyone knows where to meet the caravan.  We could
also use the Quattro net to post updates every day about where the caravan
is, and if we're on schedule or not.
I know I would be good for about 500 miles when the caravan crosses my state
and stops in ST. Louis to see Eric's garage and stable of Audis. 

Next step: volunteers to lead the group through each state picked on the
I can lead the northern IL section.

Scott Olson
Schaumburg, IL