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Re: Instrument Panel Light Problem - Help Please

At 11:14 PM 11/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a 1989 Audi 100 along with a 1988 model 80.  The 100 is having a
>problem with the instrument panel lights.  When the headlights are turned
>on, there are no panel lights except for the digital clock, and the climate
>control temperature light goes out
>I thought that I had a bad rheostat. I removed and cleaned it with tuner
>cleaner.  After reinstalling it and the panel back into the dash, everything
>worked fine for about a day, then the same problem.  I wonder if I have a
>cracked circuit board that loses connection when warm.  I say this because
>sometimes in the morning, it works.
>Does anyone have any suggestions short of buying a new instrument panel?

Just got same exact-sounding problem fixed today in my 86 4KcsQ, after two
years of flashlights at night to check speed, and learning to set the
computer to zero on "average mph" and then seeing the first reading, at road
speed, which actually is an instantaneous real-time reading for an instant
following the zero reading.  Then I would reset the cruise a few times, and
repeat the computer zeroing, until I had what I wanted.  But now I have full
dash lights , because my mechanic took the top off my dash, removed the
panel light bulbs, cleaned the contacts,and put them back in with a new
climate control bulb.  I think you can pay $15 per bulb if they are the kind
with the tiny lens at the tip, or around a buck for same bulb without the
lens. So, there is a good ending and a happy Audiophile, now safely dashing
around in the Ohio slush in search of Thanksgiving. I'm really thankful for
my mechanic, and he is Keith Kreager, Owner and Master Bosch Mechanic at
Lakeland Import Auto in Sandusky, Ohio. He drives an 86 5Ks with 200K miles
on the clock, and he also likes Audis.I told him about this Email group, and
how much I appreciate it. Hope your 100 fixes easy.

  Doyt                              Doyt@poboxes.com

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                             to tow the fleet around
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