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Re: v b headlights

In a message dated 96-11-25 17:49:07 EST, fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com writes:

<< Mercedes pioneered them in the new E-class with the quar round lights.
 >pioneered plastic headlight lenses in that car BTW. >>

Nah.  U.S. cars have had them for well over a decade. Polycarbonate (GE calls
it Lexan) with a scratch resistant clear coating.  First car was maybe a
(Ford) Lincoln Mk VII.  The vast majority of cars from the U.S. big three
have had them for years.  Many U.S. spec. Japanese cars also.  The Europeans
(who invented plastic just a little later than the rest of us) are only just
recently getting on board with their U.S. spec. cars.