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Re: 85 Coupe GT driver's window

In a message dated 96-12-02 02:49:59 EST, you write:

<< You have to buy the complete assembly; fortunately it's been redesigned,
 so at least it won't break again.  List is $427.  Linda's price is $320.
 GPR's is $160.  I have no idea why the spread is so large; I just cannot
 figure out what distribution mechanism would cause that. >>

Gee, did I just get screwed?  The local Audi dealer changed my regulator for
almost $600!  They said that the part could not be sold by itself.  The $600
included labor which I know could not have taken that long.  I knew that it
would be possible to get the part cheaper elsewhere but the timing of the
whole ordeal prevented me from saving big bucks!  Oh well...

Jess Almero, Jr.
Torrance,  CA
'86 Coupe GT