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Re: questions on buying used Audis...

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Nick Deutsch wrote:

> Be careful: EVERYTHING (underlined) is considerably more expensive for my 
> 20 valve car, than other Audis, because there are fewer of them, so every 
> part is a ****...ing nightmare for me at the dealer.
> Nick Deutsch
> 1990 90 20 v. Q
> 230 thousand km.
Yeah Nick, well you should check out the prices on my Ur-Q.  When I go to 
that same dealer to price a part the guy behind the counter will tell me 
the price and then laugh out loud!

I laugh too and walk away hoping he wasn't laughing AT me.

Kevin Bent 
'83 Ur-Q
ex '70 Volvo 1800E