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Engine questions

In compiling the numbers for my Coupe specs pages, I ran into an interesting
aspect of the I-5 engines.  It seems that the move from 
2144cc -> 2226cc -> 2309cc in each successive engine was achieved by
increasing the piston diameter by 1.5mm.  I was wondering if you could take
a 2144cc engine, bore the block by 1.5mm or 3mm and use the pistons from
the respective 2.22L or 2.3L engine.  Would the stock CIS system be able
to deal with the larger displacement?

This idea comes on the heels of my father's A4 1.8tqs (turbo quattro sport)
5-speed he is ordering to replace his '82 Coupe.  We are not sure what to
do with the '82 when the A4 arrives.  If it can be bored to a 2.3L 
displacement, it might become an interesting project for my brother.

And on the A4 note, how many cc's does it have?  It seems to me that this
engine is the well-known I5-turbo minus one cylinder, with a nifty head.
Maybe that is why it has so much potential?  We already know what a turbo
I5 can do...

'85 Coupe GT, 81mm bore/86.4mm stroke = 2226cc
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