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Re: A4 Remote Locks and Roadside Assistance

>I think I recall reading in the manual that if you unlock your
>doors with the remote, they will re-lock themselves after a
>certain amount of time.  Certainly, opening a door (and especially
>starting the engine!) should cancel that, but, well, who knows
>how it's designed?!?

I spoke with my service manager today.  He said that this should
not have happened.  The only way to lock all the doors and
trunk when the engine is running is with the key (which was in the
ignition).  Even though I can't duplicate the event, I plan to bring
the car in and have them check it out.  Since they will have to fix
the keylock rods etc., I hope they will pay for the side glass
replacement.  Wishful thinking...

>I was also pretty dismayed to hear your Roadside Assistance
>story.  I've always had AAA, and I was gonna let it lapse
>this time around since I have RA, but, well... maybe
>I'll hang on to it, just in case.

I called Audi customer relations today.  Again they apologized and said
there are no other related complaints with RA.  I asked if they would pay
for the damage cause by the faulty remote.  They said no.  But if
RA was there, they would have reviewed the case.    HA!