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Re: synthetic motor oil bad??????? Now: Noisy Lifters...

In a note dated 12/3/96 Damien Zumbrennen wrote:
>After trying everything to quiet the sound of the valves(a very common
problem >among 4000Q's) w/o replacing them completely, I put synthetic oil
in, and >everything got better.
Gee, and I just thought that the lifter noise was my "time to change the oil"
reminder...lifter noise in these things is chronic. I had it on my first
4kscq (an 87) with less than 17k miles and was told "normal". I don't let it
bother me...when its real bad, I am always at the end of my oil change
interval (2500 miles) and just change the oil! Prollum goes away! Now, if I
change to synthetic do I loose this oil change reminder "feature"???

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (and still running fine on good ol' Kendall)