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CPA / Chips / CA Importing -LONG

I've been lurking here for several months (since i 'discovered the
'net), and I s'pose I'll jump in here. Thanks for the advice y'all gave
on 200q's a while back. I'm still looking, preferably for a CA car
(import/delivery costs usually make out of state cars cost-prohibitive).

I've been actively looking for a replacement for my 86 5ktq for the past
few months (there's not many Qs in San Diego area) and ran across the
CPA add in the Quattro Quarterly. While looking at another Audi here in
SD, I ran into another quattro enthusiast who recommended CPA. He had
purchased a car there, and seemed to have known the guy a little.  The
owner of CPA, his name is 'Bob', seems to be a genuine enthusiast. I
have had a few phone conversations with Bob, and this is what I can
Bob loves the V8. He was a big fan of Corvettes, until being shown up by
a V8 (much to his surprise - and I know nothing of Bob's driving
skills??). Ever since he has been a serious quattro enthusiast. He
usually keeps an inventory of about 25-30 quattros, mostly newer stuff.
He has a mechanic who is among the *best* in the L.A. area (according to
Bob). It seems as a result of his enthusiasm for our beloved,
undervalued brand of choice he is very careful to only buy good cars,
and is careful to fix any and all defects in the cars he sells. His
prices seem to be fairly good. He told me he *does* buy a good number of
cars from back east, but is very selective. I have not visited his
showroom, and I know he is planning to get out of L.A. and move the
operation to Lake Tahoe soon, where most of his sales are. You probably
won't get any steals from him, but I doubt you'd get burned, either.
Phone # (818) 885-5000, FAX (818) 882-2000 (Information only has the fax
# listed, and they think it's the voice line)

One final note on CPA: Bob has chip + spring mods that are (according to
him) factory modified chips from Europe. He says he doesn't get quite as
much power out of them (about +50HP) as Ned's chips (I have Ned's -
works great). The CPA chip is around $400-500 if memory serves. Other
than that, I don't know anything about them. In fact I know only of
T.A.P and I.A. as chip/spring providers. Is there a factory-official
Euro chip that adds much HP? 
I had a TAP chip in my 86 5ktq initially, but it blew out the
intercooler. Supposedly there is a screw adjustment in newer (87+?) tq's
that prevents that from happening. I don't remember much more about it,
as that was years ago. Bottom line: I sent back the T.A.P chip and went
to I.A. The I.A. chip has worked flawlessly, and to my understanding has
better safety mechanisms built in (like not allowing too much boost/fuel
when the car is too hot/cold). (BTW, what's I.A. stage I, II, III? I
have a chip and spring, but no cockpit boost adjustment knob) What
'stage' is that? I know nothing of this purported "factory European
chip", or any other brand chips (other than homegrown). Anybody have any
data on this? 

I'm still looking for a replacement for my 86. (I've also had a '90 90Q
20V sedan, too small and slow.) My present ride is still registered in
Michigan, and it would cost me $300 to *bend over* and "import" it to
California (yes, it really is a *different* country). However, if you
bring a car in that already has a CA Emissions sticker on the inside of
the hood, there's no $300 fee. I hear they check the VIN #, though, so
you can't just go to a "recycling" yard and, uhem, 'cheat'. Most of this
info is from friends who have been through this, and four of the used
car dealers I have spoken with (always an honest bunch) have concurred.
I would contact the DMV to be certain.

>>>>can anybody steer me to some info/stats on the coupe 86-87 Coupe GT's. I'm thinking of buying one. Performance, reliability?
Did they make any w/o the vegas electro-dash? 
Lastly, my understanding is double galvinizing started on *all* audis in
86- true or false?
'86 5ktq, I.A. Stage ?,
   16" ACT LS (look like BBS mesh w/ polished face)
    w/BFG Comp T/A VR4 205/55/16 - very good grip, 
    and the widest footprint I've seen on a 205) 
   PIAA Pro 90 driving+projector fogs - good light 
    & easy to wire.
   a/d/s amp, x-over & speakers, Sony (yech) am/fm/CD,
    same terrible radio reception as my former 90q20v 
    - good clean sound & not too loud. Does anyone get 
      good reception in these cars?