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Boomerang Q

Hi all,

Perhaps some of you remember me telling about my first Q drive a while ago,
(though I doubt that) in a 1984 90Q (=4KQ). I looked at the car seriously
with a view to buying it, it drove wonderfully, looked extremely good for
its years, but had a rather high mileage, no service records and I didn't
trust the guy selling it. Also, the tyres were bald and it was overdue for
a service.

It disappeared off the lot two days after my test drive. Imagine my
surprise whe I passed that same lot last night and saw... XR-62-SX, that
very same car!
Going to look at it tomorrow, take a few pics, chat with the seller. I'd be
interested to know what he's asking for it second time around (was Dfl 5500
last time, equiv. $3200). I guess I won't be getting a proper explanation
why it came back...


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