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Fwd: Re: A4 1.8T Manual Availability in US.

>I stopped by Mahan VW/Audi in Houston yesterday and was told that the 
>5 speed 1.8T's would not be in till February. Is there that big a
>difference in the into dates for different regions?

>Martin Goodale

I know Jim Ellis sells a good number of Audi's, FWIW.  However, I have 
seen a number of new car shiping slips on windows of Audi's which state 
Houston as the port of entry.  So my guess is that the Houston dealer 
would probably be closer to the truth.  However, Brunswick, GA. is a 
port of entry for some manufacturers, and that's only 6 hours from 
Atlanta, so who knows which one is giving the correct information!

89 200tqw