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Re: speed limit in Montana

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996 02:51:19 -0500 (EST)
owner-quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net wrote:

>The law enforcement in Montana is pushing for speed limit of 75mph on
>highways in Montana. The law enforcement sites that "highway accidents"
>have gone way up after the speed limit was abolished. So much for U.S.
>autobahn. Bureaucracy 1, U.S. drivers 0. (For curiosity, would anyone
>to dig up the annual profits of Montana Bureaucratic Enhancing

It's not over, yet. Maybe highway _accidents_ are up, but the number of
_deaths_ went down...  Under pressure from safety lobbyists, some
legislators are contemplating a speed limit idea, but Montana residents
are opposing the speed limit 2:1. They have threatened to vote out any
legislator who proposes a speed limit and to increase the frequency of
legistative meetings from every 2 to every 3 years. The next legislation
is meeting in January 1997..

Ivan - 97 A4Q
MA NMA Activist

>Mandatory Audi content:
>Saw the A4t and A8 TV commercial on The Weather Channel and Lifetime,
>respectively. The (nuclear yellow) A4t commercial was sort of, um, okay
>guess). Driving through fast pace with flashing headlines in between.
>The A8, although a lot better than the no-brainer one for A6 Avant, is
>somewhat of a dissapointment. The setting is sort of "Hollywood premier
>movie opening" thing, in which a lot of photographers are supposidly
>cramming "for shot of the stars" coming out of their cars. Instead, one
>photographer went pass the supposed "star" and went to take picture of
>Personally, I don't think the commercial is right for the target
>who are suppose to part with 65,000 Washingtons.