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Re: when to shut off ABS??

agreed totally.  i discussed this with the audi driving instructors who did the
driving course down under 6 months ago.  i queried the absence of the "abs off"
switch in my s2 when my ur-q has it.  the instructors said that audi drivers were
getting confused about when they should have abs on or off and audi felt that
abs on all the time so that drivers would have steering control at all times at the
penalty of sometimes longer stopping distances was a better trade-off.

personally i'd agree.  i take steering control over absolute braking performance
any day.  having said that, i usually switch the abs off in the ur-q on gravel.

incidentally for those who tout their own braking skill over abs, it is salutatory to see
that abs is loved by most pro drivers, and is banned in most major motorsports.

'93 s2
'90 ur-q

..>From: ScharfR@aol.com
..>Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 04:33:29 -0500
..>You will rarely/never see a manufacturer touting ABS as an aid to absolute
..>shorter topping distances.  The magic of ABS lies in achieving minimal
..>stopping distances while preserving steering control.  Even in the examples
..>of exception where a wedge of snow/sand/gravel produces shorter stopping
..>distances, the car becomes an unsteerable projectile.