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Re: weight-watchers

In a message dated 96-12-10 13:11:13 EST, you write:

<< driver = 180 lbs  <------------------------------------------------------
 3/4 full gas tank
 about 50 lbs of christmas presents biased to the rear of the car
 6in wheels w/ 195/60/15 tires
 a/c system removed
 w/driver - 3200 lbs  <-----------------------------------------------------
 w/o driver - 3000 lbs >>
Sounds like the driver has been drinking beer again....  It is the "christmas
math" scale season...

Good post dave....  My understanding has always been that the 5ktq and the
Urq are within pounds of each other....  Graydon posted his 5ktq car at 3350
w/o driver, I got the same with my car as well, all systems intact (A/C too),
no luggage