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Tires for 86 4KcsQ

Found the sales glossys for my 86 4KcsQ and noted that an optional tire was
"70 series all-weather."

Doesn't elaborate, or tell which of the 70's.

175...185...195...205 ?

I've limited my tires to 195/60/HR 14 for three sets past the originals, and
now I can broaden the options, but don't know what the 70's would do to the
handling.My driving is in Ohio mostly, on dry roads near legal speeds. Usual
winter salt slush mixed with worst case 10-15 days of frozen salt slush,
ice, and 2-3 days of deep snow. Presently driving on Bridgestone Turenzas,
which showed some slipping on wet hard corners after about 10,000 miles.
They will be gone by summer, and I need to know what to go into next. Been
following all the tire threads, which are mostly on winter tires.

Somebody out there knows all about this stuff. I like the railroad track
cornering and precision steering of the 195/60's, but wonder what qualities
a 70 would provide. Is there an archive on this? Maybe somebody has it in a
file and can just unleash it.

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