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Re: Thanks, all

At 09:53 AM 12/10/96 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>country that drives on the right.  UK 10-valve cars, however, are not fitted 
>with catalysators and need leaded petrol.  Would this be a problem if you 
>imported a car into Japan?
>The UK's 20V _is_ fitted with a catalysator and uses unleaded petrol.  

I've seen this comment a couple times now, that early '80s cars in the UK
require leaded fuel (petrol, gasoline).  Since all cars (not necessarily
heavier trucks, though) sold in the USA since 1980 were required to run with
a catalyst, cars sold elsewhere (RoW) requiring leaded fuel would imply
VW/Audi had two completely different engine (motor) production lines, one
with hardened valve seats for N. America and something else for elsewhere.

Phil, would you explain?
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