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RE:Get a 4000?

In a note dated 12/8/96, Andrew Buc asks:
>I'm giving some thought to a 4000 as my next car. <snip>
>First, how troublefree are the cars?
Not real sure about non-q's (Kai?) but the q's are SUPER reliable (except
perhaps Dan's :) )...owned 3 so far-all very reliable!
>What about cost of parts and routine maintenance?
I do my own and buy parts aftermarket (non-dealer) so costs aren't too bad.
Price a 30k dealer service for an "ever-reliable" adnoh lately???
>How crashworthy is the 4000?
Very! My first was hit broadside in the passenger's rear door by a vega going
way too fast when my ex did a left turn in front of it (yes, her fault even
though the guy was doing 50 in a 25 on bald tires...). The damage was
substantial ($4500.00 worth of body work...not totaled because the car was
only 3 months old and I had just bought it new for 17k)...needed the door,
both pillars, rear quarter panel, and yes...sadly the car was never the same
again even though fixed by a good shop. Point here is the passenger's side
rear door took the hit...it was ripped open but the reinforcement
held...looking at the inner door panel-it didn't even come close to the seat!
For the size, I'm not sure there is a safer body platform on the road (and
yes, I do own a ovlov mommiewagon...but will always feel my q's are just as
safe if not safer!).
>What about the VW Quantum?
The VW Quantum is a 4k for the most part...can even get it with the I5 and
awd (synchro)-but they are more scare than 4kq's I think.
>I know that at some point in the late 80s, the 4000 got European-style
headlights >replacing the previous 4 rectangular units, but did they or
didn't go to a whole new >body shell at that point?
85...same body (I think...Kai?), new interior and new exterior styling
treatments...the aero-look.

Last comment...with 4kq's going for what they do these days (3-4k for nice
ones), I can't think of a better bargain on the used car market!!!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq

PS: Don't be afraid of the FI motor...that is partly why the motors last