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RE:Get a 4000?

My 1984 4000S (non-quattro alas) has 460,000 miles on it; 220,000 on this
latest engine.  I've owned it since new.  Some subsystems are original;
A/C, fuel injection, power steering.  I just replaced the original fuel pump.

My first exhaust system (at 160,000 miles) was from Midas, and I haven't 
paid for a muffler since then (hee hee).  There is no body rust, except
for the tiny bit on the fender repaired 10 years ago where I hit a deer.

Things that don't last long: electric mirrors, power antenna, power trunk
lock (the power door locks are original), door handles, electric radiator fan.

On the whole, the reason I still have this car is because it is so freakin'
reliable!  It's fun to drive, too, even though it's underpowered.

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