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RE: K&N on '88 80Q

I assume you have the 2.3 I5 engine in your '88 80Q, this info will be wrong
if you have the 4 cylinder (I actully know someone who has a '88 90 with a 4
       The engine is the same as in my 90, which means you can get the K&N
replacement filter, but not the K&N cone, because there is so much fuel
injection components mounted on top of the airbox--you can't remove it to put
in the cone.  I have a K&N cone on my Coupe Q, and it makes the car sound
better, a deeper, throatier(sp?) sound.  As for power increases, don't expect
one.  There may be a couple hp that it gives you, but nothing that will
finally help you win a race against that guy down the street with a Saab 900
   Cost for the replacement filter is around 30-40 dollars, and is a direct
replacement for the OEM filter, cones are around 120 dollars.  Call
Schaumburg Audi in IL, that's where i bought my cone, and they had the best
price for the K&Ns ($95, around $30 cheaper than anyone else with a cone).
 If you need their number, i can look it up on my receipt.  

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