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Re: Electronics questions

     Lee Levitt <wheelman@shore.net> asked:
     >1. I'm thinking about hardwiring a garage door opener into my 200. 
     >garage door opener runs on a 9 v battery, and the old passports came 
     >9 v adapters...can I simply run + to + and - to - and power this 
     opener? I
     >plan on putting a switch in the circuit and permanently completing 
     >circuit inside the opener...the external momentary switch would 
     >power to the opener, and would be the only visible portion of the 
     >thing...everything else will get tucked away under the dash. 
     Why go to the trouble of wiring into the car power?  
     - -Mark Quinn
     I saw an aftermarket accessory that operated a garage door opener when 
     the headlights were flashed.  That wouldn't be difficult using a relay 
     if you wanted a stealth installation.  You may need a cap in series 
     with the relay sense lead to make it momentary operation; otherwise 
     the opener would stay on when the high beams are on.
     PS: If you still want to use the Passport power supply, check to make 
     sure the current (mA) is high enough for the door opener.