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RE: A4 1.8TQ Manual-3 at dealer

Isn't it curious that AoA hasn't seemed to drum this up at all?
Apparently nobody on this list knew about it and you'd be hard pressed
to find much of anything going on in Audi Land that where that's the

Sometimes you've got to wonder about them...
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com

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>Subject:	A4 1.8TQ Manual-3 at dealer
>Hello Q-land,
>             This is to follow my previous post on the 3 A4 1.8TQ 
>5speeds that I've seen at the local dealership for about 3 weeks now. 
>I had to call them up today and ask them what's going on as nobody 
>else seems to have any of these on dealer lots around the country.  
>He explained that the 3 on his lot were part of an Audi ride and 
>drive campaign where one could drive the A4 1.8TQ 5 speed to see how 
>much they liked the car and compare it to the 2.8 V6 5 speed.  
>Everyone loved these cars! The problem? The Department of 
>Transportation wouldn't think of letting Audi sell these particular 
>A4's to anyone as they are European models of course. This explains 
>the Km/hr speedo.  
>          I begged him to let me drive one of these today. The 
>answer? You guessed it-a definite no since the campaign is over. 
>         So why are these cars still on the lot? He says Audi is just 
>being lazy and hasn't shipped them back yet. (Anyone know of a good 
>hotwiring technician?) He says that everyone drools all over the 
>Yellow one! Too bad says I. Guess we'll be waiting till January here.
>                             Chad Clark