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Re: What's the big deal about Torsen?

>      > that the Torsen is highly regarded as a "must have" by some...but 
>      personaly I
>      > found the unpredicatable nature not to my liking and driving 
>      style. Am I ...<snip>
>      On the contrary, I find the Torsen more predictable, which is less 
>      fun for some of my driving style.  I've owned my 84 4kq since Nov of 
>      83, and my 90 V8Q (Torsen) since March of 96.  Of course, the cars 
>      are so different that trying to judge the Torsen may just show how 
>      ignorant I am.
... if you have a 90 V8Q you have an automatic tranny ... which does not have
a torsen center diff.  I believe that it actually uses a computer controlled
clutch arrangement.  I was checking out the fiche for the v8q the other night,
looking to see if the center diff was listed separately.  Whereas the MT shows
an exploded diagram including P/Ns of the tranny and diff (torsen) the slush
box is a single unit.  Anyone been inside it?  ... you know, the inquiring 
minds thing ...

All V8Qs have a torsen in the rear diff ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)