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Re: What's the big deal about Torsen?

In a note dated 12/12/96, Jack states;
> On the contrary, I find the Torsen more predictable, which is less fun for
some of >my driving style.  I've owned my 84 4kq since Nov of 83, and my 90
V8Q (Torsen) >since March of 96.
But Jack, you have if I'm not mistaken the generation III quattro system in
your V8q which also uses some electronic clutch pack to keep the Torsen in
line make it behave better. My comparison that started this thread was
between two simular models one model year apart; an 87 4kcsq commerative
build and an 88 80q (which I loved for road trips but was very disapointed
with as a sports car compared with the 4kq). The 80q would do unpredictable
things to the traction of the car when at the limit of adheasion that weren't
fun...yes, the car tried to correct for my going too close to the edge-buuut
that is not what I wished it to do!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (Torsen-less and predictable!)