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RE:Totaled 5KCSTQ insurance value

In a note dated 12/16/96, Randy asks,
>Just got the figgure from the insurance company. $5075 (minus deductable).
Sounds pretty fair (I hate to say) as our part of the country (SF Bay Area of
CA.) seems to for some reason have the highest used q prices around. I have
recently seen 3 different 5kcsq's for sale with lower miles all for under
5k...one from this here list up in Lake Tahoe for $3995.00 right now (that
one is tempting me...). I would love your motor and misc. for my 4ksq...but
you are a bit too far away. Good luck and just be glad you survived!!! Have a
good, but quattroless :(, holiday season!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq