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Buy a 4000?

                      Subject:                              Time:  1:23 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Buy a 4000?                           Date:  12/14/96

On Dec. 14 Andrew Buc wrote:

>First, thanks to everyone who responded to my original "Get a 4000?" post!

>What goodies do you get in a 4000CS that you don't in a lesser 4000? Is a 
>sunroof one of them? My Peugeots have spoiled me for sunroofless cars, and
>one nice thing about calling up on a 504 sedan is not having to ask if it
>has a sunroof--you know it does!

Congratulations on making the switch to Audi.  You *will* be impressed with
the handling, durability, and tautness of an Audi platform.  I believe that
some 4000CS models came with the I-5 and some didn't.  If I weren't getting a
quattro, but wanted the sedan body, I would hunt for one of these.  I have
never seen a 4000S, 4000CS, or any quattro without a sunroof, so one without
would probably be the exception.  If you are looking for an older model, a
'5+5' would be a fun drive as well, sticking to the sedan.

I must also commend you on writing 'My Peugeots have spoiled me...'  You may
be the first person to *ever* pen these words ;*).  My Audi mechanic won't
even *touch* a Peugeot or Alfa - claims they are inherently 'unfixable'.  You
are in for a real treat making the several-step jump to Audi.

Aaron Pratt
'87 Coupe GT 2.3