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Coupe GT 2.3 info.

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:04 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Coupe GT 2.3 info.                    Date:  12/11/96

>I have the 1987 Coupe GT "Fact Sheet" dated October, 1986 and it also lists
>the 110hp motor ... however, I also have a letter from AoA confirming that
>the NG motor WAS installed in the Coupe GT starting 2/87 as well as some
>4kqs.  The woman who wrote it was also kind enough to photocopy a portion of
>a Coupe GT parts fiche dated 1/92 that confirms this (not to mention sending
>me a promotional video for the A4 to boot).  If there's any interest in
>either of these, I'll be happy to post them to my web page...

I would be *very* interested in seeing any dealer information you have on the
'87 Coupe GT 2.3 posted on the net.  Fact sheets, letter from AoA,  and parts
fiche would be great.  If you don't want to post all of it, is there any 
chance you could send me photocopies?  Thanks much.  Aaron.

Aaron Pratt
520 Peosta St.
Helena, MT  59601