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Coupe going to rear disc brakes

Heh, heh, heh.  Bought myself a little birthday present:  the rear axle
& brake setup from an early Audi 90.  This is the solid beam with rear
disc brakes, and should be a drop in replacement for the existing drum
brakes on my Coupe GT.  Not that the drum brakes are bad or anything,
I am just doing this because it _can_ be done.  :)

Thanks to Mike Tipton for helping me out on this.  If any other Coupe GT
owners (those with 108mm wheel bolt pattern) are interested in doing this,
it seems really easy (haven't actually put it IN yet, pulled it from the
donor 90 this afternoon).  If there is interest, I'll write up an
instruction sheet and put it on my Coupe Specs page.

Add this to the list of "Fun stuff I can do with my Audi".  <grin>

'85 Coupe GT, goin' fer that '87 GT look
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