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the beast from state to state

I was thinking of a name for this car, but "beast" seems
to be sticking.  Although I decided today that the car is a 
she, unlike all my other cars which were hes (high maintenance,
very finicky!) :)

Just got back from a trip to Autobahn Motors in NH.
Other than taking the long way there, the trip was uneventful.
Well, I started to fall asleep on the way home, but I took a
quick nap, then quasi-raced a Q45 (cut me off and passed on
the inside of a 35mph curve, I was impressed), then tailed a
well driven Eclipse down one of my favorite roads.

As for the trip...
I got to meet Mike Del Tergo and test his UrQ (whimper, whimper)
and Stott and Chris were super, we finally got some "isms"
out of the car.  All I need now are control arm bushings up
front and a center diff cable, and we're set for anything.
Thanks so much guys - if anyone is remotely near the area,
give Chris your business - the labor rate is great too! 

| Dan |
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