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Re: Further 4000 questions

The sticker on my '87 4000cs q tells me that my car gets 22mpg.  But what 
my car does have, is a handy little on-board computer that says I get 
around 27mpg on the highway.

I don't know if all of the "cs" models have this stuff but my car does:

-on-board computer w/:
	-time of day
	-trip time
	-average mpg
	-miles untill you'll run out of gas (very handy for those with a 
	low, low budget.)
	-average mph
-digital oil temp/battery guage
-heated front seats
-power everything
-sunroof w/tilt
-leather steering wheel/stick shift boot

--I picked my car up used with 105k for 4000$ and it hasn't given me any 
troubles yet.