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Re: Alignment results

>The second thing I noticed was "wait.. why am I still out of spec for 
>the CROSS CAMBER in the FRONT?"
>So, I asked. The guy said that that shouldn't matter because both the LF and
>the RF were in spec. He said that it wouldn't make a difference in terms of
>tire wear.  Are all the specs wrong? Does it matter? 

  As a self proclaimed thrifty college student on a budget, why would you
settle for less than perfection for your hard earned money?  If it "didn't
matter" whether the opposing sides were in or out of spec, why did those
over eager Germans set specs?  The fact that the aligner couldn't affect the
right adjustments does not negate the validity of the specs!  At least Sears
will hack away till your satisfied, I'd go back and asjk for another Tech,
Or does it matter?