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Re: The Hakka Report!

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Ben Howell <bhowell@rainbow.rmii.com> wrote:
>  Well kiddies, it is snowing HARD here in CO., and it happened so fast
>that froze REAL quick. I just got home from a drive that should have
>taken me 20 inutes and it took me an hour and a half!
>  Unfortunatly I wasn't in my Q (my better half feels a lot better when
>she is driving it), but I was driving a front wheel drive VW with
>175/70-14 Hakka 10's on all four. They were absolutly amazing! Passed
>numerous 4Wd's and traction control equiped japanese vehicle's. My advice
>to anyone who lives in inclimate weather is...RUN do not walk to go get
>these tires! I would not be typing this right now, had I not had these
>  BTW, any of you listers here in CO., be VERY careful tonight going home!
>Thwe roads are the worst I have seen in years! 
> Just my $.02 worth on the snow tire talk.
>Laters, Ben
>Lakewood, CO
>83' UrQ #346
>87' 4KCSQ

I'll second Ben's assessment.  Although I have yet to drive in fresh snow in actual road driving conditions, the 4kq with 185/70/14 Hakka 10's 
went happily in, around and through a snow buried dirt parking lot with no problems.  I jumped the snow plow drift at the entrance expecting to 
get stuck, but the old girl just kept going.  Even with the diffs unlocked.  However, I did not stop in the middle, just kept plugging along at 
idle or tooling around under throttle.  Can't wait for a good snow here in the Northeast.  'Course now I'm shopping for my 2.5" custom exhaust 
earlier than expected.  Seems that deep, sometimes crusty snow, and mufflers rusting where the pipes enter and leave just don't mix.  Dan can 
attest to my center pipe barely holding on.  And I kinda agree with some co-workers, it isn't nice when I fly through the parking garage 
setting off all the car alarms with my exhaust resonance....  Remember, your quattro is not a truck.  Obviously I forget this once in a while. 
Oh well.   ;)

-Stott Hare      
'84 4Ksq  (black _& blue_, have turbo, waiting to install...)
Biddeford, Maine