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Re: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Dan Masi wrote:
> On Dec 16,  9:39am, BMBRPLT@aol.com wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder
> > i've 12 0000 miles on my 96 A4 and only experience driveline
> shudder
> > if i pop my foot off the clutch.  i think it is just part of the
> > play in the driveline to keep it smooth as long as the driver is.
> >   Are you'all talking about the automatic?
> Nope, we are indeed talking about the stick, and as you
> say, the shudder is only induced by a fast clutch.

Though I hasten to add, we're not talking about brutal engagement here.  My
A4's too young for me to thrash it that hard yet. :-)

I'm still think that it's a control system problem.  If it were elastic
engine mounts, wouldn't we experience it in the lower gears even worse?  And
wouldn't we experience it more predictably?

Mine is sporadic enough that I'll bet I won't be able to demonstrate it for
the dealership. :-( I've been paying more attention lately and I think it
only happens to me on a 3->4 or 4->5 shift, like coming onto a freeway from
a ramp.  

I'm going to work on provoking it in the hopes that I can either learn how
not to, or at least be able to demonstrate the problem to the dealer.


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