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Re: A4q Radio question

On Dec 16,  7:58pm, Ron Williams wrote:

> So who makes a pullout version for A4s?

Hi Ron-

Any aftermarket DIN-mount pullout will work.  Call Crutchfield
and ask them, they'll advise you.  Note that while the stock radio
has a standard-sized (DIN) mount, the front of the radio is a
non-standard size, in that it's wider than the rest of the
radio.  So, if you decide to replace it with an aftermarket
unit, there will be a gap on each side of the radio, probably
about 3/4" between the edge of the radio panel and the wood trim.

> How can the original be pulled?

You mean, every time you park?  Not practical.  You'd need to
disconnect a number of connectors each time, and every time you
do so, the radio will go into it's "SAFE" (i.e. unusuable until
you re-enter a special code) mode.  It's not designed to be
taken in and out like that.

If theft is really a concern, then you can either replace it
with a pullout unit, or consider some of the anti-theft devices
available, like the Ungo box (which I believe locks into your
cassette opening).

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q