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Audis in the movies

Audis in the movies: HBO has a movie about Gerard Bull, designer of Iraq's
"Super Gun", who died in mysterious circumstances. Frank Langella plays
Gerard Bull. His wife (I think) or secretary/significant other/etc. drives a
mid-80s Audi 5000. Can't tell if it is a 100 or a 200 - wasn't paying much
attention by that time - the movie wasn't very good. It's showing on HBO
here in Florida, so it is probably everywhere. (First rule of mass media: If
everybody doesn't want it, nobody gets it.)

Also, need best price on rear muffler for 86 5000, not turbo, not quattro, 5
speed. Someone said use aftermarket free-flow muffler ($20!) but doesn't
this affect fuel mixture? Supposed to sound good - a little louder than
stock, but by no means objectionable - besides, this is a very "mechanical"
car anyway: Everything, and I do mean everything, clicks, whirrs, hummmmms,
buzzes, beeps - but Hal has been very quiet lately after I fixed my
hydraulic pump!

Happy (and currently somewhat deafened) Audinaut,

Mike Arman

(Solution - turn up the volume on the CD player - Viva Vivaldi!) ;-)