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Painting a Coupe

Hey Y'all:

Question, er, well, more of a pondering for you:

One of our fellow QListers (Mark Nelson) found a Indigo Blue Mica coupe FS.
The only negative to the car (that I know of so far.  Haven't called/talked
to the owner) is that it has a dent in front of the rear passenger side tire
and the door is damaged a bit.  Mark has seen the car and thinks it would
cost about $500 to fix.  What are the consequences of painting the entire
car as Dark Blue Metallic paint is not easy to match and half the passenger
side would need painted?  Not sure if I want a car that has been completely
repainted, eventhough I know a guy in Columbus that specializes in Porsches,
Ferraris, Audis, and Rolls-Royces (repairs and painting that is)

Car is a '91 with 56k miles.  Haven't talked about price.

Thanks for your imput,

Bryan Bowen
Junior, Ohio State University
(Soon to be Elon College again)
International Business and Spanish Double Major

Currently without a car
(Looking for a Coupe Quattro)