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Re: Wobbly crank, uh, crank pulley.

Earlier, Mike Arman wrote:
> OK, guys, let's try very hard (argh!) to stick to the subject at hand (oh
> no!) - the crank pulley on my 5KS wobbles - clearly visible, and threw an
> alternator belt into never-never land Monday. Replacement belt squealing 
> loose after about 15 miles - local Audi guru (who is really very good) 
> "They all do that" - some are worse than others - don't sweat it.

The bolt holding my crank pulley onto the crankshaft worked loose (two years 
after I had the timing belt replaced by a specialist garage I don't use any 
more).  The car kept loosing power and I kept thinking that the cam belt was 
jumping teeth.  All that had happened was that the vibration (due to the 
loose bolt) had smashed up the woodruff key in the pulley, so the crank 
pulley was able to rotate a little relative to the crank shaft.  A new 
pulley cost me about GBP30 (inc tax).

The harmonic balancer that is bolted onto the crank pulley is the other 
thing to suspect.  I think (but I'm not sure) that it is not made of solid 
metal, but instead has some rubber couplings between the individual pulleys. 
 If this rubber is disintegrating, that could cause your problem.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant