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Re: Wobbly crank, uh, crank pulley.

Mike said:

> > OK, guys, let's try very hard (argh!) to stick to the subject at hand
> > no!) - the crank pulley on my 5KS wobbles - clearly visible, and threw
> > alternator belt into never-never land Monday. Replacement belt
squealing and
> > loose after about 15 miles - local Audi guru (who is really very good)
> > "They all do that" - some are worse than others - don't sweat it.
Then I said:

>The pulley is not warped nor bent, its the vibration damper that gives a
>little when sitting in one position for a while.  so when you first start
>the car it will wobble until it spins up an regains its composure.


Immediately after I sent the post, I did not feel comfortable with it, so I
went to check my pulley.  I was wrong in assuming that the pulley could
loose its form, for it appears to be a solid piece of steel.  Therefore if
there is any warpage in yours its not from the vibration damper as I
alluded to before.  The damper seems to be made up simply of additional
weight.  I am sure the list experts will correct me if I'm wrong.

I apologize if I led you astray, but I was led to believe by my Audi
service advisor that the said vibration damper was a layer of galvanized
rubber within the pulley.

I have the same situation with mine, that it appears to wobble
occasionally.  I have had it for years.  The pulley is solid on, and I have
never had accident, that could have bent it.  What I haven't figured out,
is why sometimes it looks perfectly aligned but others if wobbles, now that
my theory is out the window.  Perhaps just an optical illusion.

86 5ktqw