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Re: '86 4000 quattro purchase

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, J. Smethers wrote:

> Digesters,
> I just signed up to the digest today as I am looking at the purchase of an
> 1986 4000 Quattro.  I would appreciate any advice, especially things to
> watch out for, on this model.  Is there a better choice for a Quattro in
> this vintage/price range?
> Regards,
>  Jeffrey Smethers
> '84 318i
> '86 4000S Quattro (maybe)
> smethers@fast.net
>Hey Jeff, You need to be a bit ,more specific on the condition of the 
car.  The most important things to check in my book are the rear tierod 
assemblies, the alloy wheels, cruise control,  lifter noise (clacking), 
and electrical problems!  Rear tie rods are expensive to replace, so it 
Cruise repair.  Lifter noise is common, but you can use it to lower the 
price.  As far a electrical problems go that is truly the only serious 
gamble you take when buying a 4KQ.  If the car has maintenance records 
your lucky.  Most of the time all you need to do is change a bulb which 
is way easy if you are automotivily challenged.  My closing advice is 
to buy hold out (if you can)for a 1987 4KQ because the body is made of 
galvanized steel ie. rust proof.  Now SCHNELL! GO BUY AN AUDI!!  >